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I have an idea for a post, how do I add it to the platform?

Just send an email to with information on what you’d like to post. It can be an event that is happening or happened, it can be an article or blog post, it can be a campaign you’re initiating. Make sure to add to your request links or photos where applicable. If you have any design ideas or requests for the post send them too!

I don’t want a post that was created for me, what should I do?

No worries! You can just click delete on the post on Maggie’s platform. She will ask you to add a reason – this  part is important in order for Maggie to learn for future posts. 

I want to move the post to a later time

No worries! Just send an email to and tell us which post to move and to when, Maggie will rearrange your content calendar accordingly.

Do I have to approve the posts for them to be published?

No! If you don’t give feedback on a post before the day it’s scheduled for it will be posted automatically. We understand you’re very busy and we’re here to help you maintain constant posting to your social media.

Don’t want Maggie to automatically publish? No worries, just send an email to and we will change your settings. Remember that in this case you will have to click on the “Schedule” button on the post in order for it to be posted on your social media.

What social media channels do you support?

Today we support Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. You can choose which of the channels you’d like to use.

How many posts a week will you post?

Our default package supports 2 posts a week per social media channel. If you’d like to post more frequently, send an email to and we will help you get set up with the best plan for you.

Can Maggie post videos?

While Maggie doesn’t create video content, we can handle the posting of videos for you. Simply send us videos that are less than 30 seconds in duration, and we’ll take care of the posting process – you don’t have to worry about providing captions; we’ve got it covered!

What is the comment section on Facebook and LinkedIn and why post the links there?

The comment section on Facebook and LinkedIn is a space below a post where users can leave feedback, ask questions, or engage in discussions related to the post. It’s a dynamic area where community interaction takes place.

Posting links in the comment section is a common practice to share additional information or resources related to the original post. Importantly, on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, users can’t click on links within the post caption itself. Therefore, placing links in the comments allows for a cleaner and more concise presentation in the main post, while providing interested users with direct access to relevant content through the attached links. Additionally, it facilitates discussions as users can comment on the link, ask questions, or express their thoughts in a structured manner. Posting links in comments is a way to enhance the user experience by offering supplementary details without cluttering the primary post.

What is feedback and can you provide an example?

The feedback section is where you can communicate any specific changes you’d like to see in your post graphic or the content itself, including captions. It’s an opportunity for you to share your preferences or request modifications to ensure the final output aligns perfectly with your vision.

For example, you might use the feedback section to request changes such as changing the title on the design, changing the color of something, or changing font or text size. Once you submit your feedback, our team will review it, and you’ll receive an email notification when the requested changes have been applied. This ensures that Maggie meets your expectations, and you have the flexibility to tailor your social media content according to your preferences.

How to add/remove users?

To add or remove users, simply send an email request to Maggie’s email address with the email details of the users you’d like to add or remove. Maggie will take care of the process for you.

(Note: We are actively working on providing a self-service feature for user management, allowing you to add or remove users independently. Stay tuned for updates, and we hope to offer this functionality soon for your convenience.)

What are Default hashtags?

Default hashtags are the hashtags that you’d like to appear on every post. These are consistent hashtags that will be included in every post, regardless of the specific content being created. It’s a way to ensure that certain key hashtags are consistently associated with your posts, maintaining a cohesive brand presence across your social media.

It’s important to note that having default hashtags doesn’t mean we won’t add new or specific hashtags tailored to the content we’re creating. Default hashtags serve as a baseline that automatically accompanies every post, providing continuity in your social media strategy.

What is Time zone, and what time will the post be posted?

Time zone refers to the specific geographic region’s time standard, and it influences when your posts will be published on social media. Typically, it refers to the time zone where the majority of your audience resides.

As for the exact posting time – Maggie allows you to specify the time zone you would like your posts to be published in, and she will post on a time that is optimal per day and social media channel. This feature helps you tailor your social media content to the schedule of your target audience, maximizing the impact of your posts.

What does Voice and Tone mean in social media posts?

Voice and tone refer to the style and manner in which you want your social media audience to perceive your content. It encompasses the personality and characteristics expressed through your posts. For example, your voice could be inspirational, funny, serious, or a combination of these elements. It’s about defining the overall style and emotional quality that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience. Establishing a consistent voice and tone helps create a recognizable and authentic presence across your social media platforms.

How to manage specific events?

If you have an event you’d like to promote, simply send an email to Maggie with all the event details, including the name, date, location, and registration link. If the registration link contains all the necessary information, there’s no need to duplicate it in the email. Maggie will take care of promoting the event on your social media platforms, ensuring that your audience is well-informed.

What do I need to do in order for Maggie to post directly to my social media?

Pre requisites

Giving Maggie access

(see explanation here –

Automatic post mode

  • Once Maggie has access to your social media, by default she will post automatically once the date of the post arrives. This allows your social media  to run smoothly without requiring work from your side. You will always be able to provide feedback on the posts before the date that it’s scheduled to be posted.
  • If you know you can be on top of things you can always ask us to change this setting, in which case we will wait for you to click schedule post.